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Project Notes: Amadou Diallo “By Any Means Necessary”


This quilt was made by volunteers to remember the beautiful life of Amadou Diallo, which was lost tragically in 1999. Remembered affectionately for his commitment to independence, yearning for a college education, and incredible work ethic, he will be missed by family and friends forever. Feel free to research his story here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shooting_of_Amadou_Diallo or other resource archives.

When we chose the quilting designs for this piece, we were hoping to express contrasts. We implied motion in the simple, airy whisps above, while we grounded the city scene in harder lines and edges. We used a brightly-colored variegated thread to highlight the brilliant colors within the sunset piecing. The city itself called for darker, more somber grey tones.

We enjoyed our collaboration with Social Justice Sewing Academy, and encourage others to support their work.

Memorial Quilt donated through: Social Justice Sewing Academy

Quilt Pieced by: Nancy Guidry

Quilting by: Wander Stitch Company

Pantos: Sunset Area: “Patina” by: Natalie Gorman

Skyline SIlhouette and Train Area: “Maze 2014” by: Nancy Haacke

Batting: Fairfield Toasty Cotton

Thread: Sunset Area: Superior King Tut #1059 Marketplace

Skyline Silhouette and Train Area: Superior Fantastico #5100 Stately