About Us

Welcome to Wander Stitch Company!!! Really glad to see you here! This company is a teeny, joyful adventure kicked off by myself (Mickie) and my incredible husband (Graham). We intend to increase the joy of Arts and Crafts, and General Mischief out in the world. We have two hilarious boys that are equally students, product testers and agents of Chaos. Wander Stitch Company offers a warm place to belong, to learn, and to MAKE COOL STUFF.

Mickie has been quilting since 2013, and exploring ALL KINDS of techniques and methods in her practice. She started out learning traditional modern machine piecing, and has since added English Paper Piecing (EPP), Foundation Paper Piecing (FPP), Improv design/piecing, as well as hand-stitching to boot. That’s what “Wander” means to us. A little of this, a little of that…. We love to explore new ideas, and we're fascinated by the process of applying new methods or “takes” on existing skills. We're always tinkering, always experimenting, always learning…. And you can play along!

Our primary service available is Longarm Quilting. We offer digital edge-to-edge quilting, as well as edge-to-edge basting for customers’ preferring to hand-quilt (GREAT for EPP projects!). We offer semi-custom design work, totally custom digital quilting, and ruler work designs as well, depending on the specific needs of your quilt.. We're also happy to help you design a completely original blend of hand and machine quilting for your projects. We LOVE to collaborate, and we have lots of inspirational ideas to draw from to help you finalize your vision. We're happy to help you explore scale, theme, and density to get the project "just right" for your needs!!

Mickie is also delighted to teach lessons, lead workshops, and give lectures on topics pertaining to her work or skill set. For the time being (due to Covid-19, but potentially long term) she will be available by Zoom, FaceTime, or pre-recording. We can accept private gigs for all children above the age of 10, small groups, or quilt guilds. And we're flexible about time zones, even international!

Feel free to look over our work online. There are examples of longarming we've done, quilt projects Mickie is working on, her knitting work and embroidery pieces, and lots of various creative handicraft. You can find us on Instagram and Facebook at @wanderstitchcompany ~ Feel free to DM or email us from any of those sites, or drop us a line here under Contact Us.

We look forward to meeting you, and working together on your creative journey. Let’s talk soon!!!

Mickie and Graham Gelling

January 2021


Warrenton, VA