Wander Stitch Company

Service Price List

Longarming Services:

- Standard Digital Edge-to-Edge: $.025/Square Inch 

(To calculate your longarming cost, multiply the Width by the Height of your project, then multiply that number by the stitch cost per square inch. (Ex. quilt is 60” x 80” so 60 x 80= 4800. 4800 x $.025 = $120.00)

    - Dense or Semi-Custom with Edge-to-Edge: Between $.03-$.045/Square Inch

(This can include complex Alignment/Centering of a panto design, or extremely dense quilting styles)

- Custom Digital Quilting: Begins at $.045/Square Inch

(This can include multiple panto selections used per quilt, individual block designs, or other intricate/unique quilting plans)

- Basting (large grid over whole quilt for hand-quilting): $.01/Square Inch

  - Batting Fee: Pricing is based on the LINEAR INCH cut off of a roll, where applicable. The pricing can also mildly fluctuate, based solely on our costs/ability to purchase from our distributors. 

-Quilters Dream

We have an account open to order directly from QD, and are happy to special order anything they offer, and we typically carry several common sizes and varieties of individual packages of their battings for purchase, besides the Queen-sized rolls that we carry all the time. Our favorite options include: 

-Quilters Dream 80/20: Priced at $0.36/Linear Inch. This is our default/workhorse batting. It is a mix of 80% Cotton and 20% Polyester, blending the best qualities of each material (softness, longevity, shrink, etc.) Easy care with machine washing and drying. This batting offers mid-loft, and is a great multi-season weight for your quilts. Read about their product here:

-Quilters Dream Green: Priced at $0.29/Linear Inch. Eco-Friendly batting made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, and turned into an EXCELLENT poly batting. It is environmental, wrinkle-resistant, and easy to machine launder!!! It is needle-punched, without scrim, and offers great insulation! It is named “Green” due to a barely-visible green tint to the batting that helps reduce the excess processing/manufacturing waste even further. This batting is almost totally sparkling white, and looks great under light, medium or darker fabrics. Read more here:

-Quilters Dream Bamboo: Priced per package. This is our Go-To batting preference! A luxurious blend of Bamboo, Tussah Silk, Tencel (made from Eucalyptus), and soft Cotton, this eco-friendly batting is strong AND soft! It offers gorgeous drape, and is great for any climate, due to its breathable and wicking materials. Machine wash and dry on cool and gentle cycles, and you can spread out your quilting stitches up to 8 inches apart! This batting covers it all!!! Check out more details here:

-Quilters Dream Wool: Priced per package. MACHINE WASHER/DRYER-FRIENDLY WOOL!!!! Enjoy all the benefits of wool’s natural fiber, with easy care! It has been heat-treated to prevent dramatic shrinkage and felting, so this batting maintains a consistent thickness and drape. Excellent for longevity, and stitch definition. You can find more info here: 

Additional Services Offered:

Adding a Hanging Sleeve: $0.25/Inch

Binding: $0.25/Inch

Piecing the Backing: $12.00/Seam

Pressing Top or Backing: $10.00

          $18.00 for both

Squaring Up: $20.00

Stitching or Repairs: $25.00/Hour

We will discuss ballpark pricing for your project before the quilt is complete. We will work together to find the best designs and materials, and you will always be aware (and in control) of your options. We respect every budget, and we’re here to help you make your quilt “just right!” Decisions made regarding scale, density and alignment may impact your pricing, so we’re happy to explore a myriad of options together! If you have a particular budget set, please FEEL FREE to let us know what your specific limits need to be; we are always respectful, and can make suggestions on how to hit that mark without ever sacrificing great style. 

Whenever possible, we offer customers a simple digital mock up of a quilting design laid over a photo of the quilt top, so you will have a good idea of what your project will eventually look like. We will also offer a simple photo of thread choices laid over the quilt top, so you can confirm color selections. We typically use text messaging for these services, but email is also available. 

We are also happy to trim your quilt once we remove it from the longarm frame. This is at no additional cost, and you are free to request specific measurements on our “Book a Quilt” online form. We typically focus on following the pieced lines of your top (not always a perfect mathematical square) so that we don’t cut off any tips, points, or design elements. And we follow a ¼” off of the Basting line, unless otherwise requested in the Message section of our Booking form. 

We do not charge a thread or bobbin fee. We do kindly ask that you read over and accept our “Things to Know” Guide, and fill in the “Book a Quilt” form online here before you send us your quilt. 

We pride ourselves on being open to collaboration and transparent in our process. We love working with people to add our magic, leave your quilt a thing of beauty, and build a great relationship together!

Let’s work together and make something AMAZING!!!!

Mickie & Graham