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Sabbatical Announcement

As all of you are aware, we are a teeny-tiny home business, run by myself (Mickie) and my husband (Graham) out of our home in Virginia. We share that home with 2 teenage kids, and a goofy dog. Our family balances an array of neuro-divergent challenges. We remind you all of that here, since sometimes those diagnoses require more hands-on support, and right now that is the case. We have been struggling to create a successful blend of work/life/care balance between each other, and our enjoyment of our jobs, and not finding quite enough peace in between. We have been forced to realize (and begrudgingly accept) that we need a formal break from our work at Wander Stitch Company, until we can find our feet at home again, and recharge our batteries for a while.

What that means to yall, our valued collaborators and friends, is that we are not soliciting any new work at this time, and that we will be unavailable for regular longarm  bookings until Fall 2023. We will still be fulfilling any Bookings that are already made and formalized, and we are still happy to schedule chats or coffee dates to geek out about quilting together! We aren’t falling off the Earth here, we’re just stepping away from new longarm obligations until we feel like our little family unit is more stable and predictable again.

We know that this could be inconvenient for some of you, and we hope to recover and regain our place in the quilting biz gently! Please know that we still care for each of your projects, and their outcomes! 

If anybody would like an immediate referral to other longarmers providing excellent quality and personal care, don’t be afraid to ask! We also encourage you to reach out to the Longarm League Directory to find a potential match-up at: 

Thank you each for your time and support! We’ll definitely still see yall around guilds, retreats, exhibits/shows, QuiltCon, at Tint/Sew Magarbo/Instagram, or other great places quilters tend to congregate! We’re not “breaking up” with quilting, we’re just taking some time to catch our breath. We still want to celebrate all your successes and cheer you on as we ALL grow!!!!! 

Truly sending our very best wishes for each of you!!! Thanks in advance for your kindness and support! Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to help you, and support your work! 

Mickie & Graham Gelling

Wander Stitch Company 

February 2023