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Project Notes: KS - Forest Friends


Kelly did an amazing job making her “Fancy Forest” quilt! The linen background fabric provided a great backdrop, and really let the stitching texture show up. Kelly wanted to keep a natural, simple quilting design to let her rainbow piecing take the lead, and we matched it with a great leafy panto. The rounded edges of the design offer motion and contrast to all the straight lines and crisp angles in her quilt top, and keep your eye moving across the surface. Some of those animals eat greenery, some hide/nest in it… but it made for a great compliment to this wild animal arrangement.

Pieced by : Kelly Stauffer

Quilt Pattern: “Fancy Forest” by: Elizabeth Hartman

Quilting by: Wander Stitch Company

Quilting Design: “Alternating Leaves” by: Jessica Schick

Batting: Fairfield Toasty Cotton

Thread: Superior Omni #3007 - Ash