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Project Notes: KS - “FPP Animals”


Kelly wanted a quilting texture that would read with motion and softness, like fur from the animals. She also likes to keep the overall quilt soft and open for cuddle-factor. It was a fun challenge to find a design and scale that filled in the negative “sky” space at the top portion of the quilt, but didn’t distract from the intricate piecing Kelly did on individual animals, all with varying sizes. “Coquina” really fit the bill! It adds dimension and depth to all the creatures, whether on fur, feathers, or shell. The simple repeat within this panto design also connects each area of the quilt seamlessly, so you’d never notice that it is constructed in 12 individual zones. Your eye just flows along, enjoying one animal and then the next. We chose a light silver thread to blend into all the vibrant solids, and it almost disappears, leaving only the happy swirls of texture.

Pieced by: Kelly Stauffer

Quilt Pattern: “Zoo Family Portrait” by: The Not So Dramatic Life

Quilting by: Wander Stitch Company

Quilting Design: “Coquina” by: Patricia E. Ritter

Batting: Provided by Customer

Thread: Superior Omni #3022 Silver